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The Kirker Enduro Prime Epoxy Primer is a A 2.1 VOC two-component DTM free of lead chromate and isocyanates. This automotive epoxy primer paint shows exceptional adhesion qualities and tremendous resistance to corrosion. It dries quickly and retains color much longer. Available in gray, white and black colors in one quart and one gallon sizes made in the USA. Kirker EP610 epoxy primer provides ....

Mar 31, 2024 · Then you can apply filler (bondo) to begin body work. High build primer goes on after the body work is done, then seal it then paint. That is a very rough explanation of the steps. However, other guys that know more will chime in. Like. Hunter M Discussion starter. 93 posts · Joined 2022. #3 · Mar 31, 2024. Awesome, thanks for your insight.Dec 7, 2016 · Dec 4, 2018. #6. 24 hours @ 70+ degrees. I can't emphasize that enough. Temps on the epoxy need to be at a minimum 65-70 for at least 24 hours. As stated above if you go over the 7 day window you can simply hand sand the area to be filled with 180 grit and apply your filler or glaze.

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Sep 28, 2014 · Rust repair/panel replacement. Epoxy prime. Filler work along the entire panel. Work filler 80grit, then 150grit until straight, may take a couple stabs. High build prime/guide coat. Block 150grit, go over with 240grit. Re-prime high build/guide coat. Block 240 grit, go over with 400 grit. Re-prime with high build/guide coat.The role of primer is to promote better adhesion to paint. You can apply Bondo over primer, as long you sand the primer first. This ensures the Bondo sticks well. You should also sand the Bondo afterward to have a smooth finish. However, you must apply the Bondo once the primer has been cured. This ensures better adhesion of the …So I hope you enjoy it. (1) Remove rims, then remove the sprocket. (2) Degrease and clean rims and tires. (3) All clean and ready for scuffing then buffing. (4) 3m green pad - sand grit range: 320-500. (5) Using a 320 grit to sand out rim damage, corrosion and chips. (6) Be sure to feather chipped paint edges into the aluminum rim.

Body filler showing through epoxy primer. Ok I removed all the paint and filler on my 36 Chevy. I then applied 2 coats of epoxy primer. I then did the body work and filler (I used Rage). After sanding and cleaning with Eastwood’s PRE I applied another coat of epoxy primer. When it dried I noticed that I could see every spot of Rage filler.Sep 10, 2015 · Dec 31, 2015. #5. It is best to epoxy all bare metal after proper cleaning. Even where dents are. I have seen rust under filler applied over bare metal. I have even seen rust under e-coat on new parts. Best not to take chances. Redoing it later takes more time than if just had done it right first time. We did 85 camaro in 92 with dp and good ...I would think Epoxy down on bare metal, then bodywork, then more epoxy is good as a sealer before final paint. Epoxy once dried and cured in about 48 hrs is locked down tight! You will have to scuff it up to get filler to adhere, don't use Etch as body filler won't stick to etch primer. Dec 30, 2015. #6.Who can't use an extra $100 a day? Here's a definitive primer on how you can get started towards earning these dividends for yourself. Note: The following is a guest article from o...Sep 5, 2019 · Now had the metal been protected in Epoxy before the filler there would be no rust to worry about! There are other forums where members have done destructive tests on fillers and fiberglass with and without epoxy over steel. The Epoxy tests are always superior to bare metal pieces when all products where applied correctly.

Feb 27, 2022 · Epoxy first. It is what seals the metal. Filler on metal can get moisture behind it (think rust pinholes). Of course here in Az you would likely never notice! Make sure you follow any recommendations by the epoxy manufacturer on windows or sanding grit for adhesion for the filler over epoxy. My current project.Can polyester fillers be applied over a self-etch primer? Q. What sandpaper grit should I use to sand Evercoat fillers? Q. How much cream hardener should be used to activate body filler? Q. Why is the body filler sticky or soft to touch? Q. Why did the body filler not adhere properly to the surface?Roberta, epoxy is a great primer to apply over bare metal, and even to "seal" that filler and bare metal you have. But as a primer to block, it is horible. If you were to lightly sand it now with 180 or 220 and then urethane prime you could block it out to perfection. There is a change that the epoxy could be used, just sand it and paint over ... ….

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The cad the original laquer primer and laquer paint on it and almost all of that has been removed. I did my body work in bare metal and I have most of the car in etching primer. I just read on another forum that etch primer should never be used over filler - is that true or am I ok to go ahead and finish getting ready for paint.Well, you can consider epoxy and urethane primer both over old paint. You are allowed to use body filler primer on the metal. Before you go for it, make sure the sand remains at least 150 in the area to feel the filler some grip. The Compare and Contrast; Urethane primer vs epoxy primer

Eastwood Gray Epoxy Primer and Catalyst - for Automotive Car Paint - 2 Gallon Kit. Starting at$ 229.98. In Stock. Add to Cart. Prime and protect a restored vehicle for years to come by using this epoxy sealer from Eastwood on metal panels, fiberglass and body filler before you paint.Just abrade with sandpaper, apply your filler, sand flat and feather the edges. Then you can apply more epoxy primer over top and repeat as needed. This can’t be said for many primers! 4. Over Metal Imperfections — Not only does epoxy primer have great adhesion and sealing, but a high-build formula helps fill small imperfections in the ...

ashby funeral home benton arkansas obituaries Apply the mixed epoxy filler to the area to be filled using the stir stick, spreading it evenly and filling any gaps or voids. Allow the epoxy filler to dry and cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may take anywhere from a few hours to a day or more, depending on the specific product. sarusa2005 acura tl firing order When applying a polyester body filler, glazing putty, or polyester primer over an automotive aftermarket epoxy primer begin by verifying with the epoxy coating …Filler OVER epoxy primer sealer, like PPG DPLF 90,40,48,50, 60,74 PPG recommended. Compatible Topcoats: ... The Europeans been epoxy then body filler for years, and all advanced painting procedures came from Europe. The Germans had paint procedures down way before the US. Metal sweating is the bondos enemy, sweating is blocked by the epoxy. installing lift kit It is important to wait a full 48 hours before applying polyester primer after the epoxy has been sprayed. Prior to this, it is recommended that you let the epoxy sit overnight and then apply body filler or glazing putty over the top of this. It is not necessary to sand down the epoxy before doing so; in fact, it is better as they will bite ...The real issue is putting filler over etch primers. This is a big no no but over epoxy it is better than fine. Another filler brand that I have had good results with, is Evercoat. (American but don't hold that against them.) I got a good deal from Eurocarparts on a tin. ups says package was delivered but it wasn'tjohnson funeral home jennings lacourier observer obituaries The reason for filling over the epoxy us fillers can absorb moisture so you seal off the panel so it doesn't cause rust problems later. ... The real issue is putting filler over etch primers. This is a big no no but over epoxy it is better than fine. ... Consequently, getting the bare steel sealed first is a high priority. In a body shop ... best restaurants in vicksburg Roberta, epoxy is a great primer to apply over bare metal, and even to "seal" that filler and bare metal you have. But as a primer to block, it is horible. If you were to lightly sand it now with 180 or 220 and then urethane prime you could block it out to perfection. There is a change that the epoxy could be used, just sand it and paint over ... facebook marketplace boston motorcyclestap advising tamumsnbc woman Sep 11, 2019. #14. Barry said: NEVER use fiberglass over epoxy. The risks are too high and are all against you. That is the same company that made us change our answer, as their fiber-all, that I used and other shops for years worked great, and then they changed something, and it would peel like a band-aid.- Perfect for a “primer/sealer” over bare metal. - Etch primers can skipped because of its excellent adhesion and corrosion properties. (although for maximum corrosion protection apply a wash etch under the epoxy) - Provides good base under plastic body fillers (skip the etch if you plan on using plastic filler over epoxy)